National Seminar on 18th Nov 2015 to be organised by Dept. of Economics

National Seminar
The Demographic Dividend
India’s Economic Future
November 18, 2015
About the Seminar
Among economists the growing population is at the centre of debate who are divided into two groups – pessimists and optimists. The pessimists lament that excessive population puts constraint on scarce resources of the economy leading to distorted land-man ratio, unemployment and massive poverty. The optimists on the other hand emphasize that it is not overpopulation but underdevelopment that is the chief cause of backwardness of the third world. According to them, population is indeed a great resource which if used effectively put the nations in the higher growth trajectories as evidenced from South Asian miracle and Chinese growth story. Further, the new insight into population economics is also attracting academicians, researchers and policy makers worldwide to delve deeply into the concept of demographic dividend.
Focus of the Seminar
•The population dynamics and their inter-relationship with growth.
•The forces that produces and generate demographic dividend.
•Impact of demographic dividend on economy, society and other realms of life.
•Studying the experiences of selected states and countries of the world.
Important Dates:
Last Date for submission of
Full Papers with Abstracts:      September 30, 2015.
Confirmation of Acceptance:    October 10, 2015
Last date for Registration:        October 15, 2015
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