SD College Library Collection

The College Library maintains a fine balance of print and digital collection for academic pursuits. The collection can be access campus wide through dedicated LAN and select e-resources and online catalogue can be accessed over web.

Resource Type Number
Books 71,561
Encyclopaedias 253
Dictionaries 535
e-books (INFLIBNET N-LIST programme: a college component of e-ShodhSindhu consortium, NDLI (National Digital Library of India), EBSCO ebook academic collection and McGraw Hill Express Library) 10,18,158
Print Periodicals (Journals and Magazines) 90
e-journals through INFLIBNET N-LIST programme: a college component of e-ShodhSindhu consortium 6,000+
CDs/DVDs 3,525
Newspapers (Hindi, English and Punjabi) 22

The languages of our resources are mainly in English. We have also good collection of Indian language books in Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and Urdu. A special collection of books is available in French Language.

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