Department of Zoology


The Department enrolled its first batch of students in the year 1979, in Pre-Medical course. The B.Sc (General) course was started in the year 1986. The subject of Zoology, which was always a favorite with the students, got a boost with the introduction of Biotechnology Programme in1994 under the U.G.C vocationalisation scheme as the students found natural link between the two. Having established itself academically as a front ranking Science education college under Panjab University, it was time for consolidation. This started with the creation of first rate physical infrastructure, when the faculty shifted to the new Science Block in 2004. The New Labs are more than equipped to meet all the practical requirements of B.Sc degree classes. The Department is in a continuous process of growth and improvement with augmentation of Skeletons, Charts, Models, Aquaria (Fresh water and Marine) and Museum samples. Further expansion and up- gradation which is a continuous process is facilitated by grants from UGC (under BSR-CPE), DBT (under star college scheme), DST (under Fist) etc.

Courses Offered

At present, we offer only B.Sc. (General) programme where in the students can choose from any of the following:

  • Zoology, Chemistry & Botany
  • Zoology, Chemistry & Biotechnology
  • Zoology, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Zoology, Chemistry & Industrial Chemistry
  • Zoology, Chemistry & Industrial Microbiology
Course offered
Courses Offered Duration Seats Academic Qualification Mode of admission
B.Sc (Medical ) 3 Years 150 10+2 Merit Basis
Name & Email No. of Publications with ISSN number No. of Books with ISBN number Oral/
poster present-
Workshop attended Refresher/
Orientation courses /FDP attended
Area of Specialization
Dr.Sangeeta Pandit
10 03

1 OC

Dr.Indu Mehta
05 04 28 04

1 OC

Dr. Vineet Kumar
08 07 13 01 2FDP Parasitology And Immunology
Dr. Sonika Kapoor
5 6 14 6 Physiology
Dr. Preeti Kalia
10 14 16 3 Entomology
List of Ongoing/Completed Research Projects By the Faculty>
Name of the PI/ Co-PI Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency
Dr.Sangeeta Pandit
Microbial and biochemical studies of Different waters including sewerages water (containing industrial effluents) in and around Chandigarh with focus on crop growth 01 year DST
Dr. (Mrs)Indu Mehta
To explore the potential of Endomycopsis capsularis for industrial application 03 years UGC


Detail of Laboratories Total Number
Working Laboratories 02
Zoology Museum 01
HOD Cabin 01
Store 01


Instruments/ Equipments
Water Bath
Electric Balance
Simple Balance
Microtome Machine
Student Microscope
Stereoscopic Microscope
Research Microscope
Binocular Microscope (Small)
Binocular Microscope (Big)
Dissection Microscope
Aquarium (Fresh Water)
Aquarium (Marine Water)
Sphygmomanometer (BP Apparatus)
Air Conditioner (Samsung)
Bio Fermenter
L.E.D, T.V. and C.D Player
Desktops with Printers
Power Point Projector
Laminar Flow Hood
pH metere
Magnetic Stirrer
Vortex Mixer
Gel Electrophoresis (Vertical)
Water purification system
Over Head Projector
Transparency Microscope
Wall Clock
Hot Plate
Trinocular Microscope


Activities of the Dept. – 2013-14


  • One day educational trip to Science Museum, Sector 10, Chandigarh. A group of around 30 students accompanied by Dr. (Mrs.) Sangeeta Pandit, Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Mehta and Ms. Taniya Das visited Science Museum, to get an insight of extinct Reptiles; Dinosaurs, various types of rocks, minerals, fossils and human evolution. It was quite informative and enjoyable trip.
  • Another One day visit was organized to, Ropar Wetland and Bhakra Nangal Dam to study exotic migratory birds. It was a one day trip, students got a chance to see many species of migratory birds and explore nature. Students also went to see Viraasat-e- Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib on 21 January 2014.

In celebration of Wetland Day an invited talk on “Decline in number of house sparrows: An indicator of continuous degradation of the environment” was delivered on 1 February 2014 by Dr. Ravneet Kaur, P.U.,Chandigarh

Other Activities
  • Slogan writing on the topic “Conservation of Biodiversity and “Bio sciences in the service of humanity” and an Essay writing competition on the topic “Evolution: The key to survival” were held in the Dept. on 21 January and 22 January 2014 resp
  • Students of our department participated in poster making competition to celebrate “Sparrow Awareness Day” on 20 March 2014 held at P.G.I Auditorium.
Activities of the Dept. – 2014-15


  • An Educational Trip to Panjab University was organized by the Department of Zoology on 16.09.2014. A group of around 20 Students were accompanied by Dr(Mrs)Indu Mehta and Mr Khema Ram. The students first visited SAIF (Sophisticated and Advanced Instrument Facility), PU, where they were given demonstration of Electron Microscope (SEM and TEM). After that students went to Anthropology Department, where they saw various models of Human Evolution, Life, Ornaments, Utensils, Clothes of the past. Students got a very good idea about the Evolution of Man. It was quite interesting and informative.
Other Activities
  • A poster making competition was held in the department on the topic “Curbing of tobacco epidemic in India” on 17 September 2014.Around 50 students from B.Sc I, B.Sc II, B.Sc III participated in the competition.
Activities of the Dept. – 2015-16


  • Education Trip was organized to ‘Evolution of Man and the Dinosaurs of India section’ of the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh, on 7 November 2015 for the students of B.Sc I.
  • Visit was organized to SAIF (Sophisticated and Advanced Instrument Facility), PU, to explain the working of Electron microscopy along with a lecture for the students of B.Sc III on 8 February 2016.
  • An Educational Trip was organized to Central Research Institute, Kasauli for the students of B.Sc III on 20 February 2016.

In celebration of Wetland Day an invited talk on “Decline in number of house sparrows: An indicator of continuous degradation of the environment” was delivered on 1 February 2014 by Dr. Ravneet Kaur, P.U.,Chandigarh

  • Students actively participated in the Poster making competition which was organized in the department on the topic of “Climate Change” on 30 January 2016.
  • A workshop on Ecology: Conservation of biodiversity was held on 29 January 2016.
Activities of the Dept. – 2016-17


  • A study tour to ZSI, Solan and DMRC, Solan was conducted on 15th of Sept., 2016.It turned out to be a very enriching and enjoyable experience with an informative presentation on Fauna of the Trans- Himalyan region, in particular, regarding lepidoptera by Dr. Avtar Kaur, Scientist D, ZSI, Solan.


  • A poster making competition was held on 3rd Sept., 2016 with themes: ( i) Bird migration, (ii) Evolution of parental care, and ( iii) Evolution of social behaviour.
  • A workshop on Ecology: Conservation of biodiversity was held on 29 January 2016.