G.G.D.S.D. College was established on 3rd July, 1973




To promote the creation of an innovative and entrepreneurship platform at the college


To provide a framework for entrepreneurship and innovation that encourages both students and faculty


  • To involve students and teachers in initiatives linked to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • To establish Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a primary focus of education-related initiatives.
  • Motivating college-educated youngsters to create creative start-ups.
  • Supporting and sustaining the pre-startup and early post-startup stages of entrepreneurial development.
  • To maintain the college’s academic integrity and research environment.

Important relevant links :

  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship policy document of GGDSD College Chandigarh
  2. Annexure- PU Innovation Startup Policy
  3. NISP Policy 2019 by GOVT. of India
  4. State/UT’s Startup Policy

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