Department of Economics


Economics is required to answer majority of the pressing problems faced by the world. The Economics courses offered at GGDSD College combines theoretical and practical knowledge that you can apply while approaching complex, real-world issues like the developmental issues, reducing poverty, providing direction to business and environmental conservation etc. The Department of Economics came into existence in the very beginning, it is almost as old as the college. It has always been actively engaged in imparting quality and value-based education and makes an effort to impart analytical, managerial and administrative skills amongst its students. A faculty of well qualified teachers with diverse interests and specializations gives it an edge. They strive to create a congenial teaching learning environment. Over the years this department has achieved an enviable good name in the region as one of the best in its domain. We aspire to make a mark at the international levels. At present the department teaches about 350 hours per week.

Points of Distinction
  • Department has highly qualified and competent faculty, most hold an earned Ph.D. in economics from highly recognized universities.
  • The publication record of the faculty is far above the other comparable departments of other institutions.
  • In past decade, the faculty of the department has an enviable publishing record which is helpful to provide students with exposure in practical and research side of Economics.
  • Teachers use innovative teaching techniques.
  • Workshops are regularly conducted for the students to impart skills necessary in work life.
  • Seminars, expert lectures, interactive sessions are conducted for different fields of economics.

    The department of Economics falls under the Faculty of Arts and undertakes teaching of various subjects in the domain of economics at both under graduate and post graduate level in the college. The department also supports the other faculties like commerce and management (regularly) and sciences (as and when needed). Presently, the faculty at the Department of Economics is teaching four under-Graduate courses and four post- graduate courses.

    In 2013-14 with the starting of Masters in Economics we proudly boast of adding another jewel to our basket of excellent academic courses already being taught by the department.

    Post- Graduate Courses
    Courses offered Duration Seats Academic qualification Mode of Admission
    M.A. Economics 2 years 60 Graduation Based on Merit
    Under-Graduate Courses
    Courses offered Duration Academic qualification Mode of Admission No. of Seats
    B.A. (General) 3 years Marks in 10+2 Based on Merit 350
    Economics Honors 2 years At least 50% marks in Economics in B.A. I year Based on Merit 150
    B.Voc. Agri Business and Agrarian Entrepreneurship 3 years At least 45% Marks in 10+2 Based on Merit 50

    The faculty members are professionally competent and highly dedicated. They constantly and consistently update their knowledge in their specific domain and adopt innovative techniques to make teaching learning experiences really enjoyable. Their industrious efforts to achieve the goals for which the faculty has been established are uninterrupted and have always led to the up gradation of the faculty and the students. They have made outstanding contribution to bring about changes in the curriculum design keeping in view the characteristics of flexibility, modularity and standardization of the course.

    Name of the Teacher Email No. of Public ations with ISSN number No. of Public ations with ISBN number No. of Books with ISBN Number Confer ences/ Seminar attended Work shop atte nded Refresher/ Orientation courses attended Specialization
    Dr. Vivek Sharma
    M.A. (Hons School),NET, MBA,PhD
    4 3 4 Entrepreneurship
    Mr. Ashutosh Sharma
    M.A. NET
    4 Business Economics
    Dr. Gagandeep Sharma
    M.A., NET, M. Phil,PhD
    16 2 5 12 1 4 Quantitative Method, Mathematical Economics
    Dr. Ruchi Sharma
    M.A., NET,Ph.D
    6 2 8 23 7 3 Banking
    Dr. Arti Jolly
    M.A., NET, PhD
    6 3 4 3 Development Economics
    Dr. Madhur Mohit Mahajan
    M.A.,NET, PhD
    4 1 7 4 3 Indian Economy and International
    Dr. Niharika Sharma
    1 3 9 6 2 Industrial Economics and Econometrics
    Dr. Arvuda Sharma
    M.A., M. Phil. NET
    6 2 1 6 4 2 Macroeconomics  Quantitative Methods
    Dr. Payal
    M.A.,UGC – JRF, Ph.D.
    6 2 1 6 4 2 Macro Economics, Micro Economics and Industrial Economics
    Mrs. Preeti Vohra
    M.A. NET
    4 5 6 2 Business Economics
    Dr. Megha Devgan
    MA(Hons.), NET
    7 3 3 4 Industrial Economics and Indian Economy
    Ms. Shipra Bansal
    MBE, NET
    11 1 4 4 Quantitative Methods and Money and Banking
    Dr. Deepti Chawla
    M.A.,M.Phil, PhD
    5 1 4 Business economics
    Ms. Vatsala
    M.A., NET
    1 1 2 4 Business economics, Development Economics
    Ms. Vaishali Chhabra
    M.A. ,NET
    1 Macro Economics; Micro Economics; Operations Research; Statistics
    Ms. Muskaan
    M.A. ,NET
    2 4 4 Quantitative Methods and Money and Banking
    Mandeep Singh Gill
    M.A. (Hons), NET
    1 1 Quantitative Methods, Mathematical Economics
    Bhimsen Makar
    M.A. ,NET
    3 5 6 2 Macro economics and econometrics
    Shreya Shreedhar
    M.A. ,NET
    2 1 Macro Economics and econometrics
    Bhavna Arora
    M.A. ,NET
    1 6 2 1 Health economics and Demography
    Meenu Gupta
    M.A., NET, M.PHIL
    1 6 2 1 Micro Economics and Macro Economics
    Rajneesh Behra
    M.A. ,NET
    2 8 3 Micro Economics And International Trade
    Dr. Hemantika Basu
    M.A., NET, PhD
    3 2 2 4 4 Labour Economics and Macro economics

    The faculty members of the department are also keen researchers and continuously endeavour in the various arenas of the subject that call for research.

    The faculty members of the department are keen researchers and undertake research work from time to time in areas which call for research.
    Faculty Title Amount Duration Grant Agency
    Dr. Ruchi Sharma Development of Commercial Banks in India: A Study of Inter State Disparities 5 Lakhs 2 years ICSSR
    Dr. A. C. Vaid & Dr. Gagandeep Sharma Growth And Performance Of Co-Operative Financing In Agrarian Economies Of Punjab And Haryana: A Comparative Study 7.32 Lakhs 3 years U.G.C.
    Dr. Garima Kamboj & Dr. Diksha Nurturing Spiritual Capital in Management Education 1.50 Lakh 2 years U.G.C.
    Dr. Meena Jindal & Ms. Ruchi Sharma Socio Economic Characteristics Of Formal Sector Labour – A Case Study of Punjab and Chandigarh 56 thousand 1.5 years U.G.C.


      Books 4268
      Journals and Magazines 13
      Books Nlist – 12569
      EBSCO- 17284
      Journals 441
      Books 70940
       Journals and Magazines 85
      Books 1005619
      Journals 6000+

      The college offers following facilities for faculty and students of social sciences:

    • Pt. Mohan Lal Digitization Centre and Centralised Research Facility cum Digital library separately for staff and students. There are two central research labs.
    • The subscribed resources, software and database include EBSCO ebook academic collection, McGraw Hill ebooks collection for computer science books, CMIE ProwessIQ database, and Urkund anti-plagiarism software.
    • College Library has institutional membership of INFLIBNET N-LIST and National Digital Library of India (NDLI).
    • The online resources subscribed to by the Library are accessible to staff and students (using passwords) anytime from anywhere.
    • Two computers with JAWS screen reading software are reserved for Persons with Disabilities.
    • The college has subscription of Minitab and SPSS.
    • Smart Class Rooms
    Name of the activity Key Speaker/Guest Date
    ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on “Demographic Dividend and India’s Economic Future” Key Note Speaker: Dr. Arun Kumar Professor of Economics (Retd.), JNU, New Delhi. Chief Guest: Prof. Arun Kumar Grover,Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh Guest of Honour: Prof. Ronki Ram Fellow and Dean, Faculty of Arts, P.U.  Chd. Valedictory Address: Prof. Sucha Singh Gill, CRRID, Chandigarh Guest of Honour (Valedictory): Prof. Upinder Sawhney, Professor of Economics, Panjab University, Chandigarh

    18 November 2015

    Econophoria 2K16 Chief Guest: Dr. Bhushan K Sharma, Principal, Goswami Ganesh Dutta SD College, Chandigarh. 18 March 2016
    Workshop on Computational Economics Resource Person: Dr. Nitin Arora, Asst. Prof, Dept of Economics, Panjab Univeristy Chandigarh.

    8-11 April 2016

    Name of the activity Key Speaker/Guest Date
    Lecture on Economics of Discrimination Ms. Smita Sharma, Deptt of Economics, PU, Chd. 13 sept,2014
    Four day workshop on Soft Skill DevelopmentMr. Rohit Kwatra, MBA ( IIM Calcutta). Ex employee of TAS9th to 12th Nov, 2014
    National Seminar on “Socio Economic Impact of Green Economy and Sustainable Development” funded by UGC (Under CPE Scheme) Key Note Speaker:Prof.Rtd. M N Murthy, IEG, New Delhi. Chief Guest: Prof. RK Kholi, VC, Central Univeristy of Punjab, Bhatinda Guest of Honour:Prof. Jaswinder Singh Brar, Centre for Economic Change, Punjabi University, Patiala Valedictory Address: Prof. Lakhwinder Singh, Dept. of Econmics, Punjabi University, Patiala

    12 February 2015

    Econophoria 2K15 Chief Guest: Dr. Bhushan Kumar Sharma, Principal, Goswami Ganesh Dutta SD College, Chandigarh.

    28 February 2015

    Workshop on Computational Economics Resource Person: Dr. Nitin Arora, Asst. Prof, Department of Economics, PanjabUniveristy Chandigarh. Dr. Kapil Dev, Asst. Prof, Department of Commerce, GGD SD College, Chandigarh. Dr.Arun Sharma, Asst. Prof, Department of Commerce, GGD SD College, Chandigarh.

    17-23 March 2015

    Name of the activity Key Speaker/Guest Date
    Inauguration of M.A. Economics Dr. R.S. Bawa, V.C. Chandigarh University and Prof. Manoj Sharma, U.B.S. Panjab University, Chd. 14th August, 2013
    Guest Lecture on “Changing Business Environment in the Post Reform Period in India”. Prof. UpinderSawheny, Deptt of Economics, Panjab University, Chd 28th January, 2014
    Inter College Economicss-Busines Quiz 8th February, 2014
    Lecture on Fiscal Policy Prof. Manoj Sharma, U.B.S. Panjab University, Chd. 26th Feb 2014
    Lecture on demand analysis Prof. Manoj Sharma, U.B.S. Panjab University, Chd. 25th Feb 2014
    Workshop on SPSS Prof. Tajinder Pal Singh, UBS, PU, Chd. 4, April, 2014
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