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In our college, Department of Punjabi started in 1973. The subject is taught at undergraduate level both as compulsory and elective. There is a vast collection of books on Punjabi literature, language, criticism and translation work by eminent authors in the library. In the college library, there are various titles concerning Punjabi literature, grammar, Language, poetry,novel stories, encyclopedia, mythological, gurbani and folk-lore ,total number of books on the subject in the college library is 3426, 06 Magazine.Punjabi Department has a Society with the name Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Department organized various activities under society.

Name & Email No. Of publications with ISSN no. Articles/ Chapters in books with ISBN no. Paper/ Presented Conferences/ seminar attended Workshop/FDP attended Refresher/ Orientation courses Area of Specialization
Dr. Harvinder Chahal 6 1 Chapter 1 Book 5 28 5 1- OC 2-RC Fiction
Dr. Pardip Kumar 8 5 Books, 7 Chapters 7 12 4 2 OC 1 RC Linguistic
Balwinder Singh 2 5 2 Punjabi and Indian Natak (Pursuing Ph.D)
3 1 Book 6Chapters 3 3 3 Natak (Pursuing Ph.D)
Harpreet 1 3 Chapters 3 2 Poetry Gurbani (Pursuing Ph.D)
Gurvinder Singh 1 2 Books 4 6 Guru Granth Sahib ji (Pursuing Ph.D)
Dr.Sukhveer Kaur 20 3 Books 1 Book Editing 10 7 3 Natak
Jagsir Singh 03 Novel(Pursuing Ph.D)
  • BA with three years duration
  • B.Com I, BBA I, BCA II, B.Sc I, B.Sc (Bio-tech honours)
Class rooms, Heritage Room and Department Room
  • To inculcate the values and holistic development of students, The department of Punjabi celebrates Language day on 20 February 2023,on this occasion Punjabi movie under named Angrez shown to the students which is based on Punjabi culture, relationship & moral values.
  • A poetry recitation competition was organized by the Punjabi department under shiv kumar batalvi society on October 25,2021
  • The department of Punjabi organized a one day National seminar on the occasion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji parkash purab on the topic ‘Philosophical Context of the Bani of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’ on November 17,2021.
  • The Department of Punjabi celebrated Women’s day on March 8,2022. The following competition’s were held: Slogan Writing,Poster Making,T-shirt Making
  • The department of Punjabi organized Path Shri Sukhmani Sahib on the college campus on March 9,2022.
  • The department of punjabi organized a 3 day Literary Festival and a book fare on the college campus from 22-24 April,2022.
  • The department of punjabi in collaboration with the department of public administration organized a JASHAN-A-HUNAR skill festival on April 27,2022. The following competitions were organized : Act a celebrity,Hair styling competition,Pot painting,Fabric painting,Extempore,Charismatic Personality,Mehandi Designing
  • The Department Organized Debate Competition on Aazadi da Amrit Mahostav on September 12, 2022
  • The Department celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji Parkash Purab on 07 Nov 2022 and organized poster making competition on Topic- Kirat Karo Naam Jappo, Vand Chake
  • The Punjabi department organized online essay writing competition on the occasion of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji’s 400th birth anniversary on 20th july 2020
  • The department of punjabi organized a webinar on the topic “Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji da Jivan, Vichaardhara Ate Falsafa” on 20th august 2020
  • The department of Punjabi conducted Webinar on the occasion of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji birth anniversary on topic Mitti Dhund Jag Chanan Hoya and various other activities like speech ,poster making and poetry competition on November 28,2020.
  • The department of Punjabi organized an online story telling competition on the mother language day celebration on 20.02.2021
  • Punjabi department celebrate an online painting competition on the occasion of shri guru teg bahadur ji 400 birth anniversary on April 21,2021
  • A Two day literary festival was organized by the Punjabi department under shiv kumar batalvi society on june 8-9,2021.
  • A vichar charcha conducted by punjabi department on the occasion of Guru Nanak Dev ji 550th parkash purab on 24 0ctober 2019 in mini auditorium. Speaker Dr Harpal pannu,punjabi university patiala.
  • Naitik sikha Imtihaan conducted in Punjabi department with collaboration of Guru Gobind singh study circle on occasion of Guru Nanak Dev ji 550th parkash purav on 7 nov 2019 in science seminar hall.
  • Gurmukhi Aharkari workshop conducted in Punjabi department on International language day on 20 Feb 2020 in seminar hall
  • Shiv kumar batalvi society organised poetry compitition on 5 nov 2018 in punjabi department
  • Sahit academy award winner punjabi movie ‘Anne Ghore Da Daan’ shown to B.A 3rd year students in the department
  • Maa boli punjabi dives celebrated in department on 22 February .various activity conducted like Punjabi quiz, declamation, slogan writing, poster making etc.
  • Punjabi play ‘chandan de ohle, was staged under da banner of shiv kumar batalvi society on 27 march 2019 in auditorium
  • The Department of punjabi organized a Poetry recitation competition on 8th November 2017.
  • Department of Punjabi showed the sahit academy awarded movie “anhey ghorhey da daan”, based on the syllabus to B.A 3rd year students on 11.12.18
  • Maa Boli Punjabi divas celebrated on 21stfeburary 2018. Various activities were conducted like virasat quiz, t-shirt painting, poster making, mohavaredaarvartalap, lok gatha, lokdhun.
  • A Punjabi play named “mitti rudan kare”was performed on 31st march 2018
  • Shiv Kumar Batalvi Society of Punjabi department organized a street play- TOYA written by Gursharn Singh in college campus on 15-11- 2016.
  • Punjabi department organized Book reading and discussion workshop on Sohinder Singh Vanjara Bedi’s auto-biography titled “Galiye Chikar Dur Ghar” on February 5, 2015.
  • Punjabi department organized a Multi- disciplinary National seminar on Violence, Memory and Identity in GGDSD College on 4-11- 2015.
  • Shiv Kumar Batalvi Society of Punjabi department organized a Poetry Competition in 2014.
  • Shiv Kumar Batalvi Society of Punjabi department organized a ru-b- ru with Col. Jasbir Bhullar, an eminent writer from the world of Punjabi literature on 08 February 2011.
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