Department of Music


The department of Music was established in 1973 and is imparting teaching and training in instrumental music to students who opt for music as elective subject. The department plays an active role in preparing students for participation in various Cultural programs and Youth Festivals

Name & Email No. of Publications (With ISSN No.) No. of Books with ISBN No. No. of Oral/
Poster presentation
No. of Conferences and
Seminars attended
Workshops attended Refresher/
Orientation courses attended
Area of Specialization
Dr. Kulwinder kaur
M.A, M.Phil,Phd
6 1 12 20 01 1 OC
2 RC
Instrumental Music(Sitar)

BA with three year duration

  • Music Lab-1
  • Storage Cabinet- 7
  • Sitar- 14
  • Harmonium- 3
  • Tabla- 3 pairs, 1chathu
  • Dholak-1
  • Guitar- 1
  • Swar Mandal- 1
  • Plat Tazang- 1
  • Mandolin-1
  • Chimta-1
  • Office Table- 1
  • Chair- 3
  • Mattress- 3
  • Plastic Chair- 4
  • Couch (diwan) – 1
  • String instrument Dilruba-1
  • Santroor-1
  • Sankh-1
  • Banjo-1
    • Department of Music Organized a workshop on “The Role of music in our Lives” on 19-12-2020 at 11 a.m The workshop started with Saraswati Vandana. After Saraswati Vandana Dr. Balraj Thapar , Principal , GGDSD College welcomed the resource person Dr. Supriya Shah , a very renowned sitar player and Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Instrumental Music , Banaras Hindu University. Esteemed Dr.Supriya Shah explained how music is connected with our daily life and that it has been inseparable from human existence since time immemorial. She spoke elaborately on the importance of Indian classical music . Classical music is the string foundation on which one can branch out into various genres of music . The workshop was an interactive one where several students participated and their queries were addressed by Dr. Supriya. Dr. Supriya ended her talk with a Dhun in raga Mishra Pilu, which was very mesmerising.
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