Department of Public Administration


The discipline of Public Administration began as a scientific and systematic study of functions of government in numerous spheres and at multiple levels. It is primarily associated with the organization of government strategies and programs as well as the behavior of officials formally responsible for the smooth conduct of their roles and responsibilities. It generally prepares the civil servants for working in the public service. As a ‘field of inquiry with a diverse scope’, its fundamental goal is the advancement of management through the application of innovative ways to enhance the functioning of government. Public Administration is a combination of both theory and practice. Public Administration was born in 1887 as a discipline, but as an activity Public Administration is as old as human existence itself. The intellectual roots of Public Administration are laid down with the magnificent and phenomenal thoughts of T. Woodrow Wilson who is reckoned as the father of Public Administration. He is credited with acknowledging the contribution of Public Administration in the ever transforming scenario of democratic polity. The advocacy of Public Administration as science and its relevance as a magnificent activity as well as distinctive discipline in the contemporary epoch is accredited to his industrious efforts. The modern epoch has witnessed the universal of Universal approach of Public Administration in all walks of life, across every domain as well as at all levels of sodality. As a social science discipline, Public Administration has been evolving with strenuous efforts and contributions of eminent thinkers and academicians at the global level. In Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College, Chandigarh, the Department of Public Administration was set up in 1981. Mr. Rakesh Mehta was the first faculty of the subject in the college. With the optimistic approach and firm efforts of the department members, the strength of students enrolled in Public Administration proliferated gradually with the passage of time. With the perplexing scope and interdisciplinary approach, its relevance and higher probability of employment opportunities in Civil Services, Corporate sector, Administrative Domain and Market Arena; the admission of students depict the upwards trend being favored by both genders.

Course offered
Courses Offered Duration Seats Academic Qualification Mode of admission
Name & Email No. of Publications with ISSN number No. of Books with ISBN number Oral/ poster present- ation Conferences/ seminar attended Workshop attended Refresher/ Orientation courses /FDP attended Area of Specialization
RupinderAulakh MA (Pub Adm), MA (Eco), MBA (HR), MPhil (Pub Adm), UGC-NET (Pub Adm), PGDHRD, Ph.D 12 12 15 12 3 Personnel Administration and Women Empowerment
Rupam Mahipal MA (Pub Adm), UGC-NET (Pub Adm), Pursuing Ph.D 6 2 1 3 1 Development Administration
  • All facilities and infrastructure provided by the college- classrooms, lecture theatres, library, seminar halls and so on. The college library has a wide collection of approximately 694 books on the various aspects concerned with the subject.
S. No. Activity Date
1. A Quiz on “Public Administration and General Awareness” was conducted and 173 Students appeared for the same. 22st December, 2020
2. An Article Writing Activity was conducted on “Role of Public Administration amid Covid 19” and 67 students participated for the same. 13-19 February, 2021
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