Department of Psychology


Psychology department is a department which actively approaches to enhance the learning experience of students. Since its inception in 2005 the department has been dedicating all its efforts’ to maintain its institutional and industrial standards. The department which merely started with 25 students now has strength of more than 350 students in all three years. The subject is offered with 127 different combinations and courses catering to the present demand of the subjects are run by the department. The department also has a Psychology Club in name of “Aesthesia” which in its attempt to train the students about psychological techniques and provide them on sustained basis emotional and motivational platform for overall development of personality every year organizes: Life Skill Testing Programs, Free Career Counselling session for students of Class X & XII, Workshops, Seminars and a Psychology Fest “Paradigm” which includes a host of literary and cultural competitions among colleges of tricity who participate in the fest.

Department of Psychology also provides psychological and academic support through Stress Management Centre- MANASUDAY by conducting individual counselling and meditational-therapeutic sessions by the competent faculty of the department. The purpose of the centre is to provide: individual stress management assessments and prescriptions, followed by exploration and practice in various techniques, and finally skill development. The emphasis of this centre is on providing a number of approaches for the control of harmful anxiety. The centre caters services like one to one counselling, self instructional and motivational material for individuals facing inconsequential distress and last but not the least social stimulation techniques for training in a group setting. This is an endeavour to provide on campus help to students learn new skills of dealing with stress. This is a holistic or comprehensive approach that will provide greater assurance that everybody will receive the assistance they need.


TEAM HUM-DUM: A counselling group started by Psychology interns: With the motive to help people get rid of feelings of distress, isolation and helplessness during these harsh times, Team Hum Dum- a group of 28 students of department of Psychology under the supervision of Dr Tarundeep started a helpline where they were available to assist people with emotional and mental support. This team consists of Psychology interns determined to help all the people from all age groups that have been affect ted by any aspect of this global pandemic. They made themselves available to general public through social handles like Instagram, Facebook etc to people to reach out to them through social media handles. This service is provided free of cost and regularly on social media handles motivational posts and messages are updated to keep the spirits high of people suffering in this pandemic phase.

Courses Taught by the Department:
Courses Offered Duration Seats Academic Qualification Mode of Admission
B.A. in Psychology 3 Years 240 Marks in 10+2 Based on Merit
Psychology Honors 2 Years 85 50% in Psychology in B.A. I Psychology main course. Based on Merit
Add-On Courses Taught by the Department:
Courses Offered Course Name
Add-On Course in Guidance and Counselling
  • Certificate Level
  • Diploma Level
  • Advance Diploma Level
Add-On Course in Child Psychology
  • Certificate Level
  • Diploma Level
  • Advance Diploma Level

The department boasts of possessing an enlightened faculty comprising 4 PhD’s and 1 faculty member is pursuing her PhD. The faculty members are not only professionally competent are also regularly updating their knowledge and adopting innovative techniques to make the teaching learning experience enjoyable for students.

Name & Email No. of Publications with ISSN number No. of Books with ISBN number Oral/ poster present- ation Conferences/ seminar attended Workshop attended Refresher/ Orientation courses /FDP attended Area of Specialization
Dr. Tarun Deep Kaur 22 2 10 27 15 1 OC 2 RC 5 FDP Counseling Psychology & Clinical Psychology
Dr. JatinderkAur 2 6 26 9 1 FDP Sports Psychology, Clinical Psychology & Health Psychology
Dr. Nidhi Chadha 22 1 5 20 15 2 FDP 01 OC Organizational psychology, counselling psychology and Clinical psychology
Dr. Minakshi Rana 9 1 2 Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology
Ms. Gurleen 1 3 Positive Psychology, Child Psychology
Equipment available:
  • Electronic Depth Perception Tester
  • Photo Electric Rotary Pursuit
  • Audio Visual Reaction Time
  • Digital Flicker Fusion
  • Digital Memory Scope
  • Digital Mirror Tracking Apparatus
  • Differential aptitude test battery
  • Career Preference Record
  • Sodhi Attitude Scale
  • Adjustment Inventory for college Students
  • Aggression Scale
  • Adaptation of WAIS
  • L.N. Dubey Problem Solving Ability
  • History and development of Indian Education
  • Skinner Box
  • Apparent Movement
  • Development Screening Test
  • Coloured Progressive Matrices
  • Group Test of General Mental Ability
  • Comprehensive Interest Schedule
  • Judging Emotion by Photographs
  • Eysenck Personality Inventory
  • Depression Inventory
  • Psychology Counseling Need Scale
  • Diagnostic Test For Learning Disability
  • Personal Stress Source Inventory
  • PGI Health Questionnaire
  • IPAT Anxiety Scale
  • Tachistoscope Electronic
  • Division of Attention Board
  • Stop Watch digital Racer
  • Level of Aspiration
  • Jalota Intelligence Test
  • Deo-Mohan Achievement Motivation
  • Self Concept By Saraswat
  • PGI Health Questionnaire
  • IPAT Anxiety Scale
  • Personal Stress Source Inventory
  • Judgment of Emotions by Photographs
  • Adjustment Inventory for College students
  • Eysenck Personality Questionnaire
  • Davis Battery for Differential Aptitude
  • Reynold Depression Scale
  • Levenson Locus of Control
  • Aesthesiometer
  • Alexander Pass Along
  • 8th April 2020: Department of Psychology in collaboration with Manasuday (Stress Management Centre) took an initiative to provide support and counsel college students throughout the pandemic with the help of telephonic counselling by forming a WhatsApp group invite by the name of (Manasuday: counselling). The contact numbers of faculty members of the department of Psychology along with time slots (10am to 5 pm) depending on their availability were displayed on the WhatsApp group for counselling purpose. Referring to the UGC’s regular advisories of maintaining mental health of students, faculty members have taken all the possible preventive and precautionary measures to ensure the adequate wellbeing of college students. As many as 137 students were benefitted from counselling services be it personal, educational or career related issues. During counselling sessions, college students reported increased levels of distress and anxiety, particularly as a result of social distancing and lockdown. They witnessed negative thoughts because of isolation which deteriorated their mental health and wellbeing. Our faculty members taught them many ways to recognize and be grateful for what we have, stay connected to those we love and care for and lend a helping hand to those who need it. They were provided with life lessons and practical tips to improve their mental health such as creating a menu of self-care activities: maintaining a healthy daily routine, connecting with family members, learning some skill or art online, practicing meditation and mindfulness. Students had plenty of time during this lockdown and they were helped by providing techniques and opportunities to engage them in constructive activities. It was an initiative to help students get rid of feelings of distress, isolation and helplessness during these harsh times and assist them by providing emotional and mental support in the form of productive exercises explained in counselling sessions.
  • 29 JUNE 2020: Live Webinar on the topic, “Managing Stress and Self care during Covid -19” by Mrs. Bharti Kapoor (Consultant psychologist & Healer) organized by the Department of Psychology in collaboration with Aesthesia Club. This webinar helped students improve their psychological wellbeing by providing strategies that could reshape their lives, and reduction in stress during the outbreak of Covid-19. She stressed importance of mental health in the period of lockdown by being grateful for what we have, staying connected to those we love and care for, and lend a helping hand to those who need it.
  • 20 OCTOBER 2020: Department of Psychology organized an Online Panel Discussion Entitled “Ingredients of overall success in Contemporary times in terms of IQ, EQ AND SQ. “This topic was discussed by four eminent panel speakers and they gave their valuable thoughts and suggestions on how to achieve success in life. First panelist. VivekAttry, is a motivational speaker. Second panellist, Dr. K.K. Ramachandran, Vice principal of GRD College, Coimbatore. Third panellist, Mrs. Ritu Singal, recipient of a prestigious award of Women Entrepreneur of the year,2011. Fourth panelist, Mr. Vikas Bansal is a productivity coach and corporate trainer. Students became aware about the importance of intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence in the modern times.
  • 20 NOVEMBER 2020: A Live Workshop on the topic, “Effective Communication” was organized in GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh by Department of Psychology (Aesthesia Club). As many as 150 students attended this workshop. The key speakers of this workshop were SurbhiSarin, Pearl Fotedar, VarishaIshrat working with EduVelocity (Global Educational Consultants) as senior counsellors and life skills coach. They explained Effective communication as an important life skill to crack a job interview. Talking about significance of life skills which are critical to career outcomes, as well as to manage positive and negative emotions. They emphasized other skills which are of crucial importance to crack job interviews such as body language skills, analytical skills, time management and professionalism.
  • 31st MARCH 2021: An Online Workshop on the topic, “Emotional Freedom Technique” was organized in GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh by Department of Psychology (Aesthesia Club). The key speaker of this workshop was Navneet Grewal, a renowned Internationally Certified EFT Practitioner and Breakthrough Coach in Canada. As many as 94 students gained from this workshop. She emphasized on, ‘how healing your emotions can heal your life’ as self acceptance is the key to happiness. This workshop helped students to gain knowledge of seven steps involved in Emotional Freedom Technique which reduces stress, anxiety, emotional distress, pain, fears and phobias and lead a emotionally strong, happier and fulfilling life. She also taught regarding EFT Tapping which is a therapy technique and works on clearing suppressed emotions to boost physical and mental health of students.
  • 22nd MAY 2021: An Online Seminar on the topic “Building Resilience: A Virtue in Covid Times ” was organized in Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College, Sector 32, Chandigarh by Department of Psychology (Aesthesia Club). The key speaker of this workshop was Dr. Shilpa Suri (co-founder of S.N.M IAS Academy), a positive psychology practitioner, career consultant and life skills trainer in Chandigarh. As many as 284 students were benefitted from this seminar. She taught regarding the significance of resilience as the inner strength and resourcefulness to cope with the changing demands and difficult times. This seminar facilitated students to gain knowledge of the ability to ‘bounce back again and emerge as a stronger human being’. She emphasized upon embracing positive and healthy thoughts such as taking alternate perspectives, maintaining hopeful outlook, learning from past, accepting change and finding the purpose behind it. It was an initiative of the department of Psychology to build resilience among college students in this pandemic situation so that they can learn how to adapt well during adversity, trauma or tragedy.
  • 3rd June 2021: Department of Psychology (Aesthesia club), GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh took an initiative to organize an online counselling and mentoring webinar on “Careers in Psychology” for the final year students of the department of psychology. The key note speaker of this webinar was Ms. Aashna Narula (Founder Director of Psychopedia), a renowned research trainer and mentor of psychology students and recipient of Women Achiever and Women Entrepreneur Award in 2018. As many as 96 students were benefitted from this session. She emphasized upon various career options available in India as well as Abroad after completing graduation in psychology. Also, she explained the Admission criteria of different colleges and universities offering Masters, Diploma and Doctorate courses in psychology. This webinar helped students in gaining knowledge regarding types of employment sectors, job roles of a psychologist. Ms. Aashna stressed the importance of professional development such as building strong CV and developing LinkedIn Profiles which will assist students in expanding their network for finding right job and moving ahead in their careers. She made them aware of the mistakes that can be avoided while selecting a career. Students became more active and interested in this session as they asked a number of queries from the expert related to careers in psychology.
  • Educational tour to Jaipur: Educational tour to Jaipur was organised by Psychology department in the first week of Feb 2019. The students visited Psychiatric Centre to get first-hand experience about mental disorders. They were accompanied by Dr.Tarundeep kaur and Dr.Minakshi Rana. This hospital was founded in 1952. It is one of the 6 attached hospitals of SMS Medical College, Jaipur. This centre is running various specialty Psychiatric services like De-addiction Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, and Rehabilitation Psychiatry. Dr. RK Solanki gave detailed information about the hospital and on how the patients are dealt with. Students were allowed to see the patients and were given a detailed information about few patients and the treatment they were given. Students were also taken to the rehabilitation centre for occupational therapy. In this centre patients are given opportunity to work and learn some skills according to their aptitude and therapeutic needs like making paper bags, painting, carpentry, canning etc. The visit turned out to be a very successful and informative on
  • 13th Sep 2019 – 20th Sep 2019: A Seven-day Life Skill Testing program was organized in GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh by Department of Psychology (Aesthesia Club). As many as 320 students participated in this program. Life skills program is an efficacious tool for empowering the youth to act responsibly, take initiative &control and helps in developing self-awareness. Students were tested on variables like self-esteem, personality, well-being and anger. After testing, individual reports were also shared with the students so that they could strengthen their life skills.
  • 9th November, 2019: Aesthesia club of Psychology department, GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh organized a Lecture cum Workshop on “Gratitude and Forgiveness- Pillars of emotional wellbeing” on. The lecture was delivered by Ms.BhartiKapoor, a renowned counsellor and a therapist. She talked about the importance of inculcating qualities such as gratitude and forgiveness in the students’ lives. Talking about forgiveness she referred to it as a process of changing the way we view someone or something that has happened.
  • 25th January, 2020: Department of Psychology organized a Personality Development Seminar Entitled, “How to Create a Personality for Success”. The key speaker of this event was Mrs. Ritu Singal. She is associated with John Maxwell, Newyork as a certified life coach and speaker. She talked about the importance of gaining appropriate life skills such as decision making, problem solving, communication and need for achievement.
  • 21st& 22nd February, 2020: Department of Psychology organized an Educational visit to Psychiatric Hospital in Amritsar. It helped the students to get practical experience of mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorders. Students were allowed to observe the symptom of patients and also gain knowledge about various psychotherapies involved in their treatment. The purpose of the visit was to sensitize students regarding the special needs of such individuals. The students were accompanied by 2 faculty members- Dr. Tarundeep and Dr. Minakshi.
  • Street Play on Psychological Concerns: On 20th January,2018, at 1.00 PM, Aesthesia Club, Psychology Department- GGDSD College, in collaboration with the Sarv Saksham Club, Theatre group, performed a street play, “Matiheenta”, that is, abstraction in front of GGDSD College Auditorium, Chandigarh. Group of 22, very talented students, exhibited a play depicting social evils and influence of human brain on behaviour. It conveyed how Id over powers superego resulting in unacceptable behaviour. Another influence on a person’s behaviour is abiding by social norms and social pressures. Students, with their expressions and skilful acting draw everyone’s attention and communicated various social evils and their impact on an individual.
  • Educational Tour: The students of Psychology department visited Himachal Hospital for Mental Health and rehabilitation, Boileuganj, Shimla. They got first-hand experience about psychotic disorders. Students were accompanied by three teachers Dr. Tarundeep Kaur, Dr. Minakshi Rana, and Dr. Nidhi Chadha. This center has come as a new home for mental health patients, 17 of whom were destitute. They have been deserted by their family members due to social stigma attached to the disease. This hospital was established in 2004. It is a state level hospital catering to the mental health needs of the people of the state and it functions under mental health care act 2017. Students were given detailed information on how the patients are dealt with and the treatment they are given by Dr. Ravi Sharma.
  • Guest Lecture: On February 15, 2018 department of psychology, GGDSD college Chandigarh organized a lecture on mobile usage and its effect on youth. The speaker was Dr. Charanpreet Singh , he holds a PhD degree in psychology. It started with a famous quote by Graham Bell “The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking”. This thought in itself is very meaningful and important as we can connect to it and relate it to the present scenario. The lecture also focused on the advantages and disadvantages of mobile usage. With the increasing technology the use of mobile phone has become a part of our lifestyle. On one hand if mobile phones have made our life easy while on the other hand, they have made us cognitively impaired. Many psychological phobias have also evolved with time, related to mobiles one of them is the NOMOPHOBIA which is the fear of losing mobile phones and the anxiety caused by it. The use of mobile phones is not only prevalent among adults but it has also become a habit adopted by children which disrupts their physical and mental growth. Thus, the lecture ended on another quote by Graham Bell “I dream my ‘telephone’ might help all people say “uh huh” to each other while pretending to listen”. On 11th October,2018, Department of Psychology in collaboration with Manasuday (Stress Management Lab) conducted an activity on intervention techniques that included Jacobson’s Relaxation Technique (PMR), Breathing exercises, Meditation (mindfulness), and Music therapy which was attended by many students.
  • Collage Making Competition Department of Psychology of GGDSD college sector 32, Chandigarh hosted a collage/poster making competition for the students of BA I, II, III along with the students of ADD-ON guidance and counselling and child psychology students on November 12 ,2018 .65 students participated in the competition. The theme for the competition was Spirituality, meditation, abnormal psychology, schools of psychology, theories of psychology and other related topics from the prescribed syllabus. The students portrayed their artistic skills in a very creative manner. The students were given a chance to express freely and thus they were asked to prepare their posters and collages from home. It was a learning experience for all the students.
  • Guest Lecture: Department of Psychology GGDSD College, Sector 32 Chandigarh organized a guest lecture by Prof.Kim Striebal for Psychology students on 21st Nov, 2018 in the Psychology lab. Kim is presently working for University of Fraser Valley. In her lecture, she discussed about the various career opportunities in the field of Psychology in Canada. She discussed about several areas of specialization like counselling, clinical and organizational Psychology to pursue post-graduate training at the master’s or doctoral level. She threw light on the fact that how within each area, one may choose sub-specialties in which to teach, conduct research, be a practitioner, or some combination of these three activities. She presented many of the careers on which Psychology majors can embark like administration, public opinion interviewer, Immigration officer, educational counsellor, development officer, public health statistician, market research analyst, mental health worker, Psychology Professor, Counsellor etc. This lecture was very interesting and informative because at first glance, some of these careers appeared unrelated to the discipline of psychology, however, the way Prof Kim highlighted the importance of the “core competencies” and skills that psychology majors acquire during their studies was educative and illuminating to the students
  • VISIT TO CHESHIRE HOMES, DEHRADUN (DISABILITY& REHABILITATION CENTRE) 4TH TO 6TH FEB., 2017 Department of Psychology in collaboration with MANASUDAY (Stress Management Centre) organized a visit for 40 students to Cheshire Homes, Dehradun. It is a disability and rehabilitation centre established for the care and upkeep of physically and mentally challenged persons. This centre provides care to men, women and children with multiple disabilities of various age groups such as mentally challenged, cerebral palsy, autism, deaf and dumb children. The purpose of the visit was to sensitize the students of psychology regarding the special needs of such individuals and to have practical understanding of topics such as mental retardation and learning disability. The students were accompanied by 2 faculty members Dr. Tarundeep Kaur & Dr. Nidhi Chadha.
  • PARTICIPATION IN INTER-COLLEGE PSYCHOFEST HELD AT PGGCG,SECTOR11 CHD (4TH MARCH,2017) All the students of Psychology department who are active members of AESTHESIA (Psychology Club) worked very hard for this Psycho Fest and bagged 1st prize in Psychodrama, 1st prize of Best actor in Psychodrama, 2nd prize in poster making, 3rd prize in paper presentation and won overall trophy also.
  • PARTICIPATION IN HUMANITIES FEST – VIVACITY (24TH MARCH, 2017) Psychology Department students in collaboration with AESTHESIA (Psychology Club) organized and participated in various activities such as poster making, collage making competition, band, dance league and extempore organized in humanities fest held in our college and won many prizes. Institutional Visit: On 15thSeptember ,2017 Students of guidance and counselling visited Aastha, Centre for therapeutic intervention, SAS Nagar, Punjab. The visit was organized to give the students an experience of working with special children. Dr.Minakshi Rana accompanied the students.
  • Guest Lecture: Department of Psychology in collaboration with Aesthesia club of GGDSD College, Sector 32 Chandigarh organized a guest lecture by Prof. Vidhu Mohan for psychology students on 28th October, 2017 at the college campus. Prof. Vidhu Mohan is a renowned researcher, Panjab University. With 39 years of experience of teaching at university level along with research experience she has several research publications. She is the epitome of intellectual pursuits in the area of counselling, teaching effectiveness, gender effectiveness, gender issues, Gender sensitization-for Doctors, Police personnel and general population, Women empowerment, Sex Education, Sexual harassment, Disaster management for various state governments, Test Construction & standardization. With her prodigious experience in the field, she delivered a lecture on Emotional Intelligence. During the course of her lecture, she discussed about importance of emotional intelligence in all fields of administration, ” IQ is history, Norms is Trend”. She shared her Self Growth Model with the students quoting,” IQ isn’t the key, it’s growth of personality and relation between IQ and EQ”. in her lecture, she enlightened students with some study strategies involving 5 to 10 minutes break between the study sessions. “Lecture was interesting and informative and was a golden chance for the students to interact with the eminent personality in the field and to model their aspirations as young psychologists.
  • Three day Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation Workshop (by Senior Most Spiritual Trainer “Rajgopalan Ji” from Chennai from 15 th to 17 th November, 2016. Practice of heartfulness meditation helped the students to remain centered in the heart whilst enhancing the capabilities of the mind and develop an all important poise and inner harmony necessary to respond skillfully to the demands of professional and personal life.
  • Three day visit to Cheshire Homes, Dehradun (Disability and Rehabilitation Centre) from 4 th to 6 th February, 2017. The purpose of the visit was to sensitize the students of psychology regarding the special needs of such children and to have practical understanding of topics such as mental retardation and learning disability. The students were accompanied by 2 faculty members – Dr. Tarun Deep Kaur & Dr. Nidhi Chadha.
  • The students of Department of Psychology bagged 1 st prize in Psycho Drama, 2 nd prize in Poster making and 3 rd prize in Paper Presentation in the Intercollege Psychology Fest held at PGGCG Sector 11, Chandigarh on 4 th March, 2017. The students were accompanied by 2 faculty members – Dr. Tarun Deep Kaur & Dr. Nidhi Chadha.
  • Department of psychology in collaboration with Aesthesia Club organised an educational visit for students of psychology to Aastha Therapeutic Intervention Center, Mohali on 15th September, 2017. Field experience was aimed to give students a firsthand experience of working with special children. Students were accompanied by Dr. Minakshi.
  • Department of psychology in collaboration with Aesthesia Club organised a Special Talk “Emotional Intelligence: Key to Excellence” by Prof. (Dr.) Vidhu Mohan on 28 th October, 2017. This talk helped students to become aware about importance of Emotional Intelligence in one’s life and understanding the art of social relationships.
  • Life Skill Testing Program: A four day Life Skill testing Programme was organized in GGDSD College, by Department of Psychology on 31st August – 4th September. The Programme which was undertaken by Manasuday- the Stress Management cell of the College, aimed to help college students in achieving academic excellence and personal growth. As many as 180 students participated in the four day programme. They were tested for self esteem, well being, self efficacy, decision making, leadership qualities and personality types. The testing will be followed by sharing individual reports with students giving them concrete directions in term of their strengths and the areas they need to work upon.
  • One-day workshop on Emotional Empowerment Technique: Understanding the kind of stressors college students are dealing with, “Manasuday” run by Department of Psychology, GGDSD College has taken another step to help students in dealing with academic, personal and vocational stress by organizing a workshop on EET on 19th September, 2015. This workshop was conducted by Dr. Ibadat Khan, faculty member of Department of Psychology and former Psychologist of GMSH- Sector 16. The central theme of this workshop was to provide the students with an emotional skill which can help them in handling nerve-racking situations in their routine life. This workshop covered emotional aspects of personality such as how emotions affect us in daily life, what is emotional empowerment technique, how to use emotional empowerment technique and its application to release negative emotions and enhance positive emotions. In all 250 students benefitted from the workshop and learnt practical methods to deal with everyday burdens and thus equipped themselves with techniques which would help them towards optimal living.
  • Departmental Educational Trip SMPC, Aadarsh Nagar, Jaipur on January, 2016
  • The department organized a Collage-making competition on 12th August, 2016 in the Psychology Laboratory covering such topics as Social Media Addiction, Conflicts in Young Adults, & Recent Trends in Fashion.
  • Three day life-skill testing program was conducted from 17th – 19th September, 2016 for college students for facilitation of students academic skills and potential with the collaboration of Manasuday and Aesthesia club.
  • Life Skill Testing Program: A four day Life Skill testing Programme was organized in GGDSD College, by Department of Psychology on 31st August – 4th September, 2015. The Programme which was undertaken by Manasuday- the Stress Management cell of the College.
  • One-day workshop on Emotional Empowerment Technique: Understanding the kind of stressors college students are dealing with, “Manasuday” run by Department of Psychology, GGDSD College on 19th September, 2015.
  • Movie Screening was done on Schizophrenia entitled ” The Beautiful Mind ” for department students in 2015
  • Visit to Himachal Hospital of Mental Health and Rehabilitation at Shimla, H.P. (February, 2015)
  • Seminar on “Current Perspectives and Future trends in Psychology” by Dr. Vidhu Mohan on 13th September 2013
  • Visit to Aastha Therapeutic Center on 19th November 2013
  • Workshop on “A New perspective to Psychology : Understanding the therapeutic and Intervention Strategies” on 21st and 22nd January 2014
  • Movie Screening on ‘Shutter Island’ and “The Aviator” was organized for department students in 2014
  • Talk on Stress management by Mr V.K. Kapoor on 21st February 2014
  • Aesthesia, the Psychology club of the college organized a visit for its Psychology students to a Special school: Deepalaya, in Delhi in January 2012. It is a National Level institute dealing with mentally retarded, cerebral Palsy, down syndrome, deaf and dumb children.
  • Career Counseling Week was organized during 6th-13th February, 2012 for class X and XII students in college premises.
  • Life Skill Testing Program was conducted for 160 college students on 13th November.
  • Career Counselling Program was organized for class X &XII students on 8th & 9th June. In all 250 students got their aptitude testing done and benefitted from the career choices suggested to them.
  • Life Skill testing program was conducted on 8th August 2011 for the new admissions in college. It was an endeavour to assess students on the parameters of Life skills and further train them in adjusting to the new environment and perk up their skills.
  • Aesthesia the Psychology Club organized “Paradigm” a Psychology Fest on 17th November. The fest is organized with the motive to promote Psychology and create awareness among the youth about the various prospects of the subject in the emerging times. It included a host of literary and cultural competitions in which students of various colleges of the city and the nearby areas participate enthusiastically. The event was a huge success and drew an overwhelming response.
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