The college runs two NSS units consisting of 100 volunteers each. The primary aim of NSS is to impart education through community service and to stimulate the participation of the volunteers in constructive and extension work in slums and backward villages, where they are encouraged and expected to solve the different problems faced by the inhabitants. Students of all classes are eligible for enrolment in NSS. In order to successfully complete the NSS training programme, each student is required to put in 120 hours of work during one session. He/she also has to attend a service camp. Enthusiastic volunteers are even selected for training and special camps are organized by the Directorate of NSS. By participating in such programmes, the students can reap different kinds of benefits too. Not only do they become socially responsible citizens, but are also awarded certificates which carry an additional weightage at the time of placements and admission in a higher class.

NSS Programme Officers

  1. Dr. Mehak Sharma
E-mail: mehak.sharma@ggdsd.ac.in
Mobile: 9872095081
2. Dr. Pratibha Kumari
E-mail: pratibha@ggdsd.ac.in
Mobile: 9417248149
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