Department of Commerce & Management


The Department of Commerce and Management (DCM) was set up in the year 1976 with a vision to impart quality and value based education in the field of Commerce and Management. Over the years, this department has carved an enviable niche in the field of Commerce and management education in northern India and got Master of Commerce (M.Com) in 1999.The department also got Masters in Entrepreneurship and Family Business (M.E.F.B) in the year 2007. Nomenclature for M.E.F.B has been changed to M.Com (ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND FAMILY BUSINESS) from the session 2017-18. Department got exclusive PhD research Centre in the year 2018 by Panjab University.The department is proud to be the Alma Mater of a large number of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries in the region. The department has been providing faculty, infrastructure and administrative help to local chapters of ICSI and ICAI. The department has been declared as “Star Department” By UGC.


“To be a nationally recognized and globally respected hub of excellence in commerce education and research, committed to shaping ethical and innovative leaders who drive positive change in the business world.”


“Our mission is to provide high-quality education in commerce and related fields, fostering a learning environment that nurtures critical thinking, creativity, and ethical values. Through innovative teaching, rigorous research, and meaningful community engagement, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed for successful careers and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in business and economics.”


1. Academic Excellence: The department is committed to maintaining high academic standards in teaching, research, and learning outcomes.

2. Ethical Conduct: Ethical behavior is of paramount importance. The department emphasizes integrity, honesty, and responsible conduct in all academic and professional activities.

3. Student-Centered Learning: The department places students at the center of its educational mission. It strives to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that fosters the intellectual and personal development of its students.

4. Innovation: The department values innovation in teaching, research, and practice. It encourages faculty and students to explore new ideas and approaches to solve complex problems in the business world.

5. Community Engagement: The department actively engages with the local and global community. It seeks to apply its knowledge and expertise to address societal challenges and contribute to the betterment of society. The students are part of various clubs and cells.

6. Professional Development: The department supports the continuous professional development of its faculty and staff, ensuring they stay current with industry trends and teaching methodologies.

7. Collaboration: Collaboration is valued both within the department and with external stakeholders. The department seeks partnerships with businesses, other academic institutions, and the broader community to enhance its programs and research.

8. Sustainability: The department recognizes the importance of sustainable business practices and strives to educate students about the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability.

9. Accountability: The department holds itself accountable for achieving its goals and meeting its commitments to students, faculty, and the community. It regularly assesses its performance and seeks continuous improvement.

These principles and core values help create a shared vision and culture within the commerce department. They guide decision-making, curriculum development, faculty recruitment, and the overall direction of the department’s activities. Additionally, they contribute to the development of responsible and ethical business leaders and professionals who are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the modern business world.























  • The Commerce Department has been ranked 25th by India Today Group-MDRA Best colleges Survey , 2023
  • BBA course got 24th rank by India Today Group-MDRA Best colleges Survey , 2023
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  • BBA course got 17th rank by India Today Group-MDRA Best colleges Survey , 2022
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  • The BBA department has been ranked 18th by India Today in Best Commerce Colleges 2020 in India.
  • The college got 18th rank among the ranking of India Today: 100 Top Best Commerce Colleges 2017 in India.
  • The BBA department has got 9th Rank by Times BBA Education: Top 75 BBA Institute Ranking 2017.
  • The college got first rank among the ranking of City Wise: Best Commerce Colleges 2016.
  • The Commerce department has been ranked 29th by India Today in Best Commerce Colleges 2016 in India.
  • The BBA department has been ranked 12th by India Today as India’s best BBA colleges 2016 in India.
  • The Commerce department has been ranked 22nd by India Today in Best Commerce Colleges 2015 in India.
  • The BBA department has been ranked 10th by India Today in Best BBA Colleges 2015 in India.
Name of the Course Duration No. of Seats Eligibility Admission Criterion
*Ph.D (Commerce) As per PU University Rule Contact Department As per PU University Guidelines As per PU University Guidelines
PG Degree Courses
Master of Commerce 2 years 80(2 Unit of 40 each) A B.Com. / B.B.A. or equivalent degree. Merit Basis
Master of  Commerce (Entrepreneurship & Family Business) 2 years 40 A Bachelor/Masters degree in any discipline with not less than 50% marks in aggregate. Through C.E.T by P.U. +Merit (50% CET + 50% exam)
PG Diploma Courses
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management 1 year 60 A Bachelor/ Post Graduate degree in any discipline with at least 45% marks in aggregate. Merit Basis
Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management & Labour Welfare 1 year 60 A Bachelor/ Post Graduate degree in any discipline with at least 45% marks in aggregate. Merit Basis
UG Degree Courses
Bachelor of Commerce 3 years 350(5 Units of 70 Each) 10+2, merit for the purpose shall be determined on the basis the score of a candidate as follows: 1) Percentage of marks in the qualifying examination. 2) Add score of 4 for each of the subjects passed (Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computers or any vocational subject under commerce stream) not exceeding 16 in total. The score is to be added even if the papers are an additional paper. Merit Basis
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 years 120+40* (3 Units of 40 Each) (Subject to the approval of Panjab University) I) 10 + 2 exam with at least 50% marks OR ii) Any other examination with 50% marks, recognized by the Syndicate as equivalent to (i) and passed in the subject english Merit Basis
**B.VOC(RETAIL MANAGEMENT) 3 years 50 passed the +2 examination (any stream) under 10+2+3 system of education of a recognized University/Board/Council or any other examination recognized by Panjab University Merit Basis
**B.VOC(LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT) 3 years 50 passed the +2 examination (any stream) under 10+2+3 system of education of a recognized University/Board/Council or any other examination recognized by Panjab University Merit Basis

Five Career Oriented Courses with three stages of Certificate Course, Diploma and Advanced Diploma:

  • Advertising and Sales Management
  • Computer Based Accounting
  • Event Management
  • Travel & Tourism
NCCMP (NSE Certified Capital Market Professional) Short term course 4-6 Months Minimum Requirement is 10+2 pass. Entry is open for both students as well as working professionals having atleast one year experience.
NSE Simulation Trading Lab 30 Hrs Minimum Requirement is 10+2 pass. Entry is open for students
*The commerce department got Research Centre in the year 2018. Total Number of students enrolled for Ph.D (Research Centre) in Commerce is 8 till 2022-23. **The programme provides an option of multiple exit points at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years.
  • Memorandum of Understanding with University if Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.
  • IGNOU, New Delhi
  • B.Voc.(Retail Management) in collaboration with Future Retail Ltd. and Metro Cash and Carry Pvt. Ltd.
  • NSE Certified Course, NCCMP and NSE Simulation Trading lab course.
  • PML SD Business School, Chandigarh
Professional institutional tie-ups and Membership
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Institute of Cost Management Accountant of India
  • Chandigarh Management Association
  • ICT Academy
  • Indian Accounting Association 
  • Indian Commerce Association

Enlightened faculty members are the real asset of the department. There are 27 Ph.Ds, 6 M.Phils and 2 CS in the department. The faculty members are professionally competent and highly dedicated. They are ever willing to update their knowledge and adopt innovative techniques to make teaching learning experience really enjoyable. They have made outstanding contribution to bring about changes in the curriculum design keeping in view the terms of flexibility, modularity and standardization of the course.

Name & Email No. of publications (with ISSN NO.) No. of books with ISBN no. No. of oral/ poster presentation No. of conferences seminar attended Webinars Attended Workshop Attended Refresher/ Orientation courses attended Area of specialization
Dr. Rajiv Behl 1 6 15  7 2 1 OC 3 RC Banking & Finance
Dr. Meru Sehgal 7 1 5 12  9 4 1 OC 2 RC Management, Merchant Banking & Costing
Dr. Monica Sachdeva 6 4 4 15  25 5 1 OC 2 RC 18 FDP Finance & Marketing
Dr. Yash Pal Taneja 16 1 14 26  6 7 2 OC 3 RC 6 FDP Accounting & Finance
Dr. Amit Mohindroo 6 2 5 2 1 OC 2 RC 2 FDP Taxation
Dr. Meenu Gupta 12 10 15 22  27 4 1 OC 2 RC 3FDP Finance & Banking
Dr. Diksha Kakkar 13 4 24 24  19 2 1 OC 3 RC 5 FDP Accounting & Corporate Governance
Dr. Rinkey Priya Bali 6 6 8 8 1 1 OC 3 RC 2 FDP Management and Finance
Dr. Mani Parti 8 20 20 30  23 12 1 OC 3 RC, 2 STC 7 FDP HRM and OB
Dr. Sumeet Kaur Sibal 14 9 20 39  17 15 1 OC 1 RC 1 0FDP Finance & Banking
Dr. Savita Singal 16 1 12 8 5 5 1 OC 2 RC , 1 STC 4 FDP Management & Law
Dr. Kapil Dev 18 2 6 8  2 4 1 OC 4 RC 1 FDP Accounting & Finance
Dr. Monika Mittal 14 3 22 25  14 9 1 OC 3 RC 8 FDP Banking & Finance
Dr. Geeta Sharma 22 1 16 16  20 5 1 OC 1 RC , 4 FDP Finance & Marketing
Dr. Anupriya Bhardwaj 9 11 9 6 5 1 OC , 2 RC 2 FDP Management & Law
Dr. Nidhi Grover 9 13 3  – 5 1 OC Finance
Mr. Sureet Singh 8 1 Chapter 4 9  7 2 1 OC 9 FDP Marketing & Income Tax
Dr.Shallu Sharma 15 1 10 8  18 3 1 OC , 2 RC 18 FDP Law
Dr.Monika Khindri 19 02 12 2  68  8 1 OC 3RC 18 FDP Finance
Dr. Nidhi Choudhary 8 2 5 9  4  10 1 OC , 7 FDP Management
Dr. Jyoti Jindal 09 01 02 01  10  — 1 OC, 2 FDP Finance
Dr. Sheetal Sharma 9 3 16 17  27 2 1 OC , 5 FDP HRM, Marketing
Dr. Vinckle G Singh* 5 1 1 7  8 8 6 FDP Marketing, Management
Dr.Menka Goswami* 13 3 chapters 13 16 10 8 6 FDP Marketing and HRM
Dr. Malvika Walia* 12 3Chapter 6 4  8  7 6 HRM
Dr. Ankush 6 7 7 4 1 1 Marketing
Ms. Mridul Trikha 7 1 2 12 5 5 FDP Marketing
Ms. Milli Arora* 2 4  7 4 1 FDP HRM
Ms. Priyanka Dhiman* 1 1 3 1FDP Marketing
Ms. Ms Sanya Ahuja* 3 3 3 2  4 2 FDP HRM
Ms. Sonhal Mehta 3 3 Chapters 3 3  52 12 14 FDP  Banking and Finance
Ms. Jasleen Saggu* 1 1 5 5 13 4 1 FDP Marketing
Ms. Chahat* 2 1  6 1 FDP Marketing
Ms. Kirandeep Saini 1 1 1 6 5 1 FDP
Ms. Neha Joshi 1 3 8 12 1 FDP
Ms. Sakshi Vij Josan 1 1
Ms. Neha Goyak 1 1 1 2
Ms. Garima Khanna 4 3 2 3
Ms. Prabhjeet Kaur 11 1 2 3 2 3
*Adhoc and Guest Faculty for Session 2022-23
Academic Council, Academic Calendar, Examination, Sports and Library
  • Dr. Ajay Sharma
  • Faculty of Business Management and Commerce
  • Dr. Rajiv Behl
  • Dr. Yash Pal Taneja
  • Dr. Diksha Kakkar
  • Dr. Sheetal Sharma
  • Board of Studies PG/UG
  • Dr. Monica Sachdeva
  • Dr. Yash Pal Taneja
  • Dr. Diksha Kakkar
  • Dr. Meenu Gupta
  • Dr. Rinkey Priya Bali
  • Dr. Kapil Dev

    The department has launched its Referred bi- Annual Journal “Vanijya Manthan” in the year 2014 with ISBN No. 2350-0719

    Click here for detail


    Apart from classroom teaching our faculty members are also engaged in research work.

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Project Title Duration Amount Funding Agency
    1 Dr. Ajay Sharma A Study of position, competitiveness, prospects and transformation of higher education institutions situated in Panjab & Chandigarh in light of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization 2 Years Rs. 65000 UGC, New Delhi
    2 Dr. Diksha Kakkar (Department of Commerce) Nurturing Spiritual Capital in Management Education: An Empirical Investigation 1.5 Years Rs. 1.50 lakhs UGC, New Delhi
    2 Ms.Neha Joshi(Research Assistant) Development of Commercial Banks in India: A study of Inter-state Disparity 2 Years Rs. 5 lakhs ICCSR

    The large number of students of the department have been placed at various reputed companies. the companies visited at the campus are Accenture, Aglomill Technologies, Ceasefire Industries, Codequotient, Deloitte USI Audit, Edurev, Fitelo, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Innovation Barter Solutions, Kuber Financial services, L&T Constructions, MWIDM, Slidetech, Solitaire Infosys Pvt. Ltd., Unschool Xenonstack. More than 180 students from commerce department got placed in session 2022-23.

    • National Innovation Day-E-poster presentation competition.
    • Expert talk on – How to plan and launch your startup.
    • Expert talk on Accelerators/Incubation –opportunities for students & faculties- Early-stage Entrepreneurs.
    • National youth day-Interactive session with startup founders.
    • Seminar on Innovation & Creative Thinking
    • Event-NEW (National Entrepreneurial Weekend)
    •  Entrepreneurship Programme in collaboration with TiE Young Entrepreneurs Chandigarh, Rotaract Club.
    • Business Seminar: Industry and Academic Collaboration for a customer friendly market
    • National Startup Day Celebrations
    • Workshop on ‘Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design’
    • Expert Talks on ‘Scenario based Strategic Planning’ and ‘Systems Thinking and Leadership’
    • Expert Session on ‘Team Management, Creativity and Decision-Making Management’
    • Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunities’.
    • An Expert Talk on Angel Investment and VC Funding Opportunity 
    • An Expert Talk on Achieving crucial aspects of "Value Proposition Fit" and "Business Fit."
    • An expert Talk on "Start-up Ecosystem Enablers"
    •      IDEATHON-on World Entrepreneur’s Day.
    In today’s competitive job market, possessing entrepreneurial skills can set commerce students apart from their peers. The employers’ value individuals, who can take initiative, adapt to change, and contribute fresh ideas to their organizations. These skills empower students to pursue their own business ventures. They may choose to become self-employed, start a small business, or work as freelancers, giving them greater control over their careers and financial futures. Few of the initiatives taken by our students are:
  • Mr. Arjun and Ms. Prakshi,Owner Pannacotas Premium High Tea Lounge, Chandigarh
  • Mr.Manik Khosla,Owner, New Haryana Overseas
  • Mr. Himanshu Bharti,Owner Bharti Ice-creams
  • Ms.Porvi, Owner Hand made customised jewellery virtual store
  • Mr. Harmandeep Singh Bedi, Managing director ,Shemrock School Kharar
  • Pratham Singla, Owner Sole Balance
  • Ms.Pearl Kapoor ,Owner Remkart
  • Milan Kaushik, Owner Engage Speak
    ICT Facilities such as LCD and Digital Projectors, Smart Boards, OHP machines, computers with internet facilities
    Available Subject Books in UG Library & PG Library Text books-15175 Online EBSCO-36464
    Available Journals 11 hard copy journals and 6000 e-journals
    PROWESS IQ CMIE database subscription
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    A Multidisciplinary Webinar on “Plastic: Invest or Divest? A Socio-Techno-Commercial Dilemma” organized by P.G. Department of Commerce & Management, GGDSD College, Chandigarh . Mr. Avinash Kumar Singh 7 June, 2020
    HR Conclave: New Recruiting Technologies Mr. C S Sudheer, CEO,; Mr. Kenneth Jeyseelan R B, Assistant Vice President-HR, TCS; Mr Collin Bruno, HR Talent Acquisition, HCL Technologies; Ms Julie Krubhavathi, Senior Manager-HR, EC Group Datasoft (P) Ltd; Mr Vinoth Kumar, HR-Manager,
    Mcwane India (P) Ltd; Mr Debasis Satpathy, General Manager-HR, NBCC; Mr Vijayan KA, Head Academic Operations and Mr. Anand Babu , Senior Manager, ICT Academy and Dr. K L Dhingra, Director, PMLSD Business School.
    12 December, 2020
    Webinar on Financial Awareness: A key to Financial Wellbeing Sh. Suryakant Sharma Ex DGM SEBI& Mutual Fund consultant North Region (at present) and Sh. Nitin Joshi Vice President, NSDL 28 May , 2021
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    Workshop On Investment In Security Markets Under Its Job Shadowing Programme Mr. Manish Galhotra, Competent Finman 16 Nov 2019
    Industry Lecture cum Interaction Programme on “Supply Chain Management & Retail Management” Mr. Sanjiv Gupta, HR Head in Isuzu Limited (formerly Swaraj Mazda) as well as in Mahindra and Mahindra LTD. 15 Nov, 2019
    Lecture cum Interaction Programme on “Corporate Tax Planning ’’ Mr Ankur, Chartered Accountant and Eminent expert in Corporate Tax Planning 7 Nov, 2019
    Virtual Panache 2020-The commerce and Management Fest Dr. Sumit Aggarwal, CEO, Soberbio Consulting, specialized in Digital Business Models and Valuations 1 June, 2020
    Name of the Activity Date
    The PG department of Commerce and Management organized a seminar on “Social Thinking” in association with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park and The Tata Group 4 June, 2018
    Panache-The Commerce and Management Fest was organized 26 February, 2019.
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    Talk on Entrepreneurship Mr. Sameer Gupta, Chairman and, MD Jakson Group, Chairman CII NR Committee on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Mr. Hridesh Madan, Co- Chair of the session, Director, Yi Himachal Pradesh 16th January 2018
    Goods and Services Tax (GST) ICAI, Chandigarh Branch. ICAI, Chandigarh Branch. CA Ranjeev Dahuja, Berkeley Industries. CA Rakesh Khanna, GST Expert. 20th January, 2018
    Talk cum Interactive Session on Indian Financial System: Working And Functioning Of RBI Sh. J.L.Negi , Banking Ombudsman and Chief General Manager, RBI 8th February 2018
    Panache Mr.Rakesh Popli, Director Higher Education UT Administration. Mr. Deepak Kapur, Chairman of University Business School, Panjab University 21st February , 2018
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit Mr Hirdesh Madan (Co-chair, Yi Himachal Pradesh and Director, Mind Tree Education Pvt Ltd), Mr Mind Tree Education Pvt Ltd), Mr Vivek Atray (IAS Retd.Author and Motivational speaker), Mr AR Singh (Director Drish Shoes), DNV Kumara Guru (Director – External Relations, Indian Business School), Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma (Former Director – MHRD and Former Registrar ,IIT Delhi),Dr YP Kathuria (Faculty IIT Bombay and Mr Rajesh Saboo (Chairman, CII HP state Council and Director ) were there along with Mr Rajesh Guleria (Chairman,Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit and Director- Enviro Enterprises Ltd). 26th & 27th February, 2018
    Reforms to Transform India Prof. Hardeep Singh, Chairman, Dept. Of Computer Science, GNDU, Amritsar. Prof. Sanjay Kaushik, Honorary Director, ICSSR, Chandigarh and Prof. Manoj K. Sharma, Fellow, P. U., Chd 27th March 2018
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    Debate Competition Ms Kanchan Pathania 4th Nov, 2016
    Guest Talk On Corporate Governance In Developing Economies_ A Case Of India In Global Scenario Dr.Himachalam Dasaraju, Senior Fellow ICSSR And Professor Emeritus, Sri Venkateshwara University 22nd Sept, 2016
    IYF (International Youth Fellowship)Mind Cultural Camp Mr. Oh Sung Gyun, Secretary (Education), IYF 28th Aug, 2016
    Tedx Progressive Bureaucrats And Entrepreneurs 20th Aug, 2016
    Aaghaz Fresher 4th Aug, 2016
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    Guest talk on “Goods and services Tax Mr. Kumar Gaurav Dhawan, IRS, Joint commissioner. 8th Feb, 2016.
    Workshop on Automation system in Education sector Experts from TCS 18th Feb – 20th Feb,2016.
    Panache 2016 Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, IAS and RJ Pankaj 22nd Jan-23rd, 2016
    IYF Mind Cultural Camp South Korea Collaboration 15thSep-17th Sep, 2015
    TEDX Vivek Atray, Motivational Speaker and Vikram Sridhar, Actor, Wildlife Enthusiast, Philanthropist 22nd Aug, 2015
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    Seminar on the topic “Learning to Export” Mr. Jaspal, Asstt. Director General Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. Of India and Mr. Sanjay Malhotra, Member Corporate Advisor Board, Trident Group 19th Feb,2015
    You Can Win, Motivational Mr. Shiv Khera 23rd Jan, 2015
    Fest O’ Comm Commerce Fest 28th – 29th Nov,2014
    Industry Interface for students Mr. Bharat Dalal, NDTV Profit Fame 30th Oct, 2014
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Memorial lecture on “Ethics in Governance” Dr. Gurmohan Singh Walia, Vice Chancellor, Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib 31st Aug. 2013
    Aghaaz Dr. Karamjeet Singh, Professor, University Business School and Honorary Director of the Academic Staff College, Panab University, Chandigarh 14th Aug. 2013
    Seminar on An Investor Awareness Programme on “Potential of Capital Marketsm Mr. Rajeev Shukla, AGM, SEBI, Chandigarh Office and Mr. Raman Kalra, Assistant Manager, NSE, Delhi 22th Nov., 2013
    Seminar on “Carrier Opportunities in Financial Markets Mr. Rahul Chadha, Manager, National Stock Exchange of India 6th Dec, 2013
    National Seminar on Business Growth and Corporate Sustainability Prof. Ashok K. Vijh, Distinguished Scientist and Prof. L. K. Bansal, Dean Research, Panjab University and Chairman USOL, Panjab University 17th Jan, 2014
    PANACHE-Management Fest Mr. Sandeep Hans, Director Higher Education, Director Technical Education, UT, Chandigarh and Dr. Parwinder Singh, Controller of Examination, Panjab University, Chandigarh 24- 25th Jan, 2014
    Workshop on Economic Environment For Business in India Reforms and Challenges Professor Upinder Swahney, PU, Chd 28th Jan, 2014
    Stress Management: About anxiety and its effects on students. Mr. V.K. Kapoor, Former IPS officer. 21st Feb, 2014.
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    National Seminar on Educational Reforms: Challenges and Strategies Prof. Arun Grover(VC,PU), Prof. Sudhanshu Bhushan (Head, dept of Higher and Professional Education, National University of Education Planning and Administration, New Delhi), Prof. A.K.Vashisht(Chairman, UBS), Prof.Vijay Kaushal (ICDEOL,HPU) Prof. G.S.Bhalla(Deptt. Of Commerce, HPU), Prof. Manu Sood(Chairperson, Dept. of Commerce, GNDU). 9th Feb., 2013
    Talk on Revised Schedule VI, Value Added Tax and Service Tax CA Amarjit Chopra, CA Alok Gupta Krishan and CA Atul Gupta from ICAI, Chandigarh branch) 6th July, 2012
    Guest lecture on Life of a graduate AISEC, Kal Korff, Director at Hour-Daily Post. 29th Aug,2012
    Name of the Activity Resource Persons/Chief Guests Date
    National seminar on “Economic Reforms: An Unfinished Agenda” Mr. Vijayendra kumar, IAS, MD, Haryana Agro Industries, Prof Raj S Dhankar, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, DU Justice Mr. Kamaljeet Singh, Mr.Rajeev Bajaj Chairman, NIRC of ICSI, Mr. Rajinder Jain, FCS, Former Chairman, ICAI, Chd., Prof. Deepak Kapoor, PU, Regional Centre, Ludhiana 11th Feb, 2012
    Guest talk on Income Tax CA. P.V Jain Former Chairman, ICICI Chandigarh 28th Nov, 2011
    Lecture on Scope and Process of Consumer Research Mr. Pura Singh Research Scholar, University Business School, Panjab University, Chd. 17th Sep, 2011
    Talk on Innovative Branding Mr. Sumit Gupta, Assistant Manager, Hindustan Times 26th Aug, 2011
    Our Leading Recruiters