President’s Message

We are delighted to share with you the progress and vision of GGDSD College, Sector 32. Since its inception in 1973, the college has made great strides in becoming one of the foremost educational institutions in this region running high quality courses in Commerce, Science, Humanities, Informational Technology and Vocational streams. The college is backed with a rich legacy and heritage, the foundation and vision for which was set and evolved by its first two Presidents Late Pt. Mohan Lal, Former Home Minister Punjab and Late Mr. Upkar Krishan Sharma. We are committed to becoming a center for educational excellence with a focus on research and at the same time to setting new benchmarks for teaching standards at all levels and across diverse fields. Our steadfastness to the virtues of truth, integrity and humanism drives us to embrace every challenge and opportunity to make this institution a place that will always be known for the ethics that we live by and also impart to our students.

We are constantly upgrading our facilities to keep pace with the technological and socioeconomic changes in today’s fast paced world, with our futuristic state- of the-art infrastructure, digital capabilities, and globally benchmarked set of pedagogies. Our vision is to stay ahead of the curve and ensure students develop a competitive yet collaborative mindset to achieve success with the aim to inspire and lead. We cherish diversity with a strong belief that every student has unique potential. Our endeavor is to help this potential take flight and help our students develop abilities they can use to manifest, innovate and express in the real world. With the tectonic shifts that have happened in the last few years, we want to equip our students with the fortitude and resilience to be nimble and adapt to winning in an unpredictable world. And we do hope that all this topped with the values they take away, they will be guided by a humanistic ethos and virtues of incorruptibility and honesty. We believe that education is a sacred field where we imbibe and impart a socially responsible attitude to life, in addition to developing skills and abilities. GGDSD college is built on an altruistic foundation dedicated to serving humanity through the field of education with a profound respect for the environment and our surroundings. We are perhaps one of the few colleges to become solar energy enabled. Our commitment to scholarships, CSR activities and cultural initiatives are an ongoing process and we hope to set higher standards as we move forward to contributing to a happier, more unified world. So, come join us and be part of this community that can inspire change in this world by setting an example

Ms. Vaishali Sharma

Our Leading Recruiters