Counselling Cell

To provide career as well as psychological counselling to students, the counselling cell of the college plays a significant role. During admissions, the counselling cell offers valuable career guidance to students to help them chose the right subject combinations in conjunction with their aptitude and attitude. Through year round career counselling programs, students are scientifically tested for their individual potentials with the help of psychometric tests and measures. Detailed profile of students is prepared and personalized counselling sessions are conducted absolutely free of cost.

The cell also provides psychological counselling to students, addressing any behavioral problems, relationship issues or other psycho-social problems/issues that they might have in their tumultuous college life. Special sessions are held with the students residing in hostels, to facilitate their adjustment and to cater to their special emotional needs. PDP’s (Personality Development Programmes) are frequently held by the Cell to hone the soft skills of the students. To orient students towards facing competitive examinations, the Cell holds regular sessions, thus helping them to tackle stress/pressure situations.

Besides the above, the Counselling Cell offers ready help and guidance to students for any other problem that they might face, thereby smoothening their journey in the college and preparing them for their future lives ahead.

Counselling Cell Committee:

  1. Dr. Ruchi Sharma
    Mobile: 9872071199

  2. Dr. Anupriya Bhardwaj
    Mobile: 9781998044

  3. Ms. Sheetal Sharma
    Mobile: 9464244644

  4. Dr. Samriti Dhawan
    Mobile: 9417095951

  5. Dr. Pooja mohan
    Mobile: 9855344888

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