Add On Courses

Career Oriented ‘Add On’ Courses

The UGC, under the modern scenario of globalization of education and economy has been striving to make the current Indian higher education system more career oriented. In an endeavour to open up a variety of job opportunities in the service sector, industry and self employment sectors for the young graduates, the UGC has reoriented and reformed its policies towards introducing vocational courses. Such courses help upgrade the quality of students and equip them with an in-depth knowledge of their core discipline, thereby enhancing their demand in the applied fields of all basic/core disciplines. As part of this modified scheme, our college too has introduced numerous career orientated ‘Add-On’ courses, through an innovative and flexible system of certificate/diploma /advanced diplomas. These are parallel to the conventional B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./B.B.A./B.C.A. degrees.

Under this programme, each student along with his/her conventional degree would be awarded an additional Certificate /Diploma /Advanced Diploma in the ‘Add On’ course opted for. Each student would earn a Certificate, a Diploma, an Advanced Diploma after the successful completion of first year, second year and third year respectively. A special feature of this system is the flexibility that it offers. The students have the complete freedom to diversify their field of education, and the courses that they opt for need not even necessarily be related to their core discipline. The college offers as many as 13 ‘Add on’ courses. This number is the highest offered by any other institution in the entire country. Furthermore, it is required that every student should opt for one ‘Add On’ course, provided the student has not opted for that subject as an elective subject.

Event Management Dr. Geet Sharma
Computer Based Accounting Ms. Shallu Sharma
Advertising & Sales Management Dr. Jyoti Jindal
Journalism Dr. Priya Chadha
Fashion Designing Dr. Sumita Sikka
Child Psychology Dr. Nidhi Chadha
Guidance and Counseling Dr. Tarundeep Kaur
French Dr. Kamna Singh
Tourism and Travel Dr. Sheetal Sharma
Video Reporting Dr. Divya Jyoti
Cosmetology Ms. Ritika Sinha
Animation and Graphics Dr. Pooja Mohan
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