Online National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Physics”

Online National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Physics” (RAP 2021) was organized by Department of Physics, Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College, Sec 32-C, Chandigarh, under the aegis of Star College Scheme, DBT (Government of India, New Delhi) on 23.1.2021. It was a congregation of more than 750 academic-experts, undergraduate, postgraduate students and research scholars including research-experts from some of the most renowned institutes including University of Münster, Germany, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay and NIT Hamirpur. The participants attended the seminar through google meet and live you tube streaming. Dr. Balraj Thapar (Principal) extended a warm welcome to all the participants and resource persons. Dr. Shikha Gupta (HOD, Dept. of Physics) greeted all the participants and briefly introduced the department. The first lecture began with Prof. Amita Das, IIT Delhi explaining the Plasma Science and its interdisciplinary reach. Also, she explained that how plasma theory facilitates other fields such as high energy physics and at last she winded up with the impacts of plasma theory on society and its benefits. In the next lecture, Dr. Nitin Kumar, IIT Bombay continued with explanation of controlling and tuning active material. He started with introduction of active and soft condensed matter of physics and introduced the students with his research field. Prof. Ravi Kumar, NIT Hamirpur emphasized on the p-type transparent conducting oxide materials. Dr. Ashish Arora, University of Münster, Germany threw light on the experiments on semiconductors using light and strong magnetic fields. In the end, Dr. Amit Goyal, organizing secretary proposed vote of thanks. The whole seminar was very interactive. The students asked many queries in all the lectures. It was a highly informative seminar which helped everyone imbibe knowledge about recent advances in Physics. All the participants were provided with e-certificates and the feedback was taken.