Department Date Topic
Soft skills 2016-2021 Click Here
Language and Communication skills 2016-2021 Click Here
Life skills (Yoga, physical fitness, health and hygiene) 2016-2021 Click Here
ICT/computing skills 2016-2021 Click Here
English 1 June, 8 June, 15 June and 22nd June 20211 International Seminar Series by Prof. Satya P. Mohanty
Library 12 July 2021 EBSCO eBook Academic Collection and EBSCO Mobile App Training Session
Library 09 July 2021 Online Training on ‘ProwessIQ Database’
Zoology 28 May 2021 Series of Counselling and Mentoring Sessions
Biotechnology 24 May 2021 The Life Of A Protozoal Invader: What We Learn From Its Successes And Failures
Psychology 22 May 2021 Building Resilience – A Virtue in COVID TIMES
Botany 22 May 2021 Biological Diversity- Scope & Challenges
Literary Club 19-25 May 2021 Unravelling the Bard: Through Global Perspectives – Part II International Lecture Series on Shakespeare
Literary Club 15-20 April 2021 Unravelling the Bard: through Global Perspectives
Environment Society 20 March 2021 Bird Watching
IQAC 08 March 2021 Women Empowerment and Calm in Crisis
Biotechnology 07 Feb. 2021 Contributions and Expectations from EmergingTechnologies for the Welfare of Society
GGDSD College 26 Jan. 2021 Alumni Meet
Biotechnology and Institution Innovation Cell 25 Jan. 2021 National Innovation and Start-up Policy
Physics 23 Jan. 2021 Recent Advances in Physics
Zoology 19 Jan. 2021 Virus-Host Interactions, Therapeutics and More
SD MUN’21 16-17 Jan. 2021 SOZ-E-YAQEE’N
Biotechnology and Institution Innovation Cell 16 Jan. 2021 Commercialization of Research and Intellectual property Rights
Physics 16 Jan. 2021 Physics Using Machine Learning
Physics 15 Jan. 2021 Basics & Applications of X-Ray Spectrometer
IAS Club 15 Jan. 2021 Tips to Prepare for Civil Services Exam
Institution Innovation Cell 09 Jan. 2021 Orientation on National Education Policy
Institution Innovation Cell 08 Jan. 2021 Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur and Start-Up Founder
Statistics 24 Dec. 2020 Statistics and its Applications
Economics 23 Dec. 2020 Agricultural Bills
Mathmatics 22 Dec. 2020 Numbers: Fun & Facts
Ashra Club 22 Dec. 2020 Needonomics for Atamanirbharta
Botany 21 Dec. 2020 Conservation & Restoration of Ecology
Political Science 21 Dec. 2020 The Role of Supreme Court in Expansion and Protection of Fundamental Rights of Citizens
Music 19 Dec. 2020 The Role of Music in our Lives
Geography 18 Dec. 2020 Green Revolution and Agrarian Crisis in Punjab
Sociology 18 Dec. 2020 Current Socio-Legal Status of Minorities in India
History 17 Dec. 2020 Honour Killing & its Social Implications
Botany 16 Dec. 2020 Impact of Biotechnological Advances in Crop Improvement
Hindi 16 Dec. 2020 पाश्चात्य प्रभाव के कारण भारतीय संस्कृति और साहित्य में परिवर्तन
Sanskrit 15 Dec. 2020 संस्कृत क्यों सीखें
Commerce and Management 12 Dec. 2020 New Hiring Technologies
Library 12 Dec. 2020 Digital Convergence and Innovation in Library Services
Journalism & Mass Communication 11 Dec. 2020 Future Issues and Challenges in Media
Biotechnology 07 Dec. 2020 Covid-19: Transformation of Life Systems
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